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Rudy Yuly

The world teems with stories.
Bringing them to light and giving them form is my passion.


UWIT Annual Report - Writer and Editor

It’s a world where treatments for viruses can be developed in weeks instead of years. Where cancer tumors can be eliminated quickly and completely. Where global warming can be tackled by neutralizing carbon dioxide, and antidotes can efficiently nullify toxins.
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UW College of Education Annual Report - Lead Writer

As the teachers dive into the work, there’s palpable energy in the room. Intense discussion is punctuated by occasional laughter. At one table, the conversation focuses on ways to help kids understand the subtle difference between logical and scientific reasoning. At another table, ideas are shared about how to help kids conceptually distinguish between weight and mass and understand how both affect motion.
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Jason Yip: Partnering with kids to design learning technology

When new iSchool Assistant Professor of Digital Youth Jason Yip was a young kid growing up near Washington, D.C., one of his favorite pastimes was learning about science by exploring the area’s world-class museums. “Not that I don’t love Seattle—but one thing Seattle does not have is free museums,” Yip said.
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Indigenous leader notes Arctic security includes food, housing and clothing

Before the Arctic Council began its work, University of Toronto Professor, Franklyn Griffiths, and Inuit leader, Rosemarie Kuptana, traveled across the vast Canadian Arctic gathering local opinions from its widely scattered inhabitants on how the Council should be structured. “We wanted a body that would bring together all the Arctic countries and allow them to learn from each other and cooperate—to stop each of them from having to reinvent the wheel on a wide range of issues,” Griffiths said.
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Informatics alum creates best-selling app for teachers

Many teachers might feel a bit challenged if they found themselves parenting a newborn and studying for National Certification Boards at the same time. For David Lowe, Informatics ’04, that situation was a blessing in disguise. “Back in 2009, I needed something to do — besides the Boards — while rocking a baby to sleep in a dark room every night.
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Luly Yang Couture - Absoluly Martini, consulting editor

To see a martini in its proper glass is a vision of strength in simplicity, fluidity and luster. Look deeper and colors appear, textures form, and the simple belies a complex artistry of reactions. With Absoluly Martini, Luly finds inspiration in the diversity of classic cocktails and cohesion of their glass design.

Indigenous participants on the Arctic Council discuss role

Indigenous Participants Give the Arctic Council a Unique Voice, but the Cost to Them is High. Since its work began in 1996, the Arctic Council has been recognized as a unique and influential international body. Part of its influence may rest on the fact that it’s the only intergovernmental forum on the planet to permanently include indigenous peoples as nearly equal representatives alongside governmental representatives.

Megan Finn: Understanding disasters and information

UW Information School Assistant Professor Megan Finn is passionate about disasters — specifically, understanding how they shape the way people share and use information. After earning her B.S. in Computer Science at the University of Michigan, Finn, who joined the Information School in July, 2014, spent three years as a Research Engineer at Hewlett Packard in Silicon Valley.
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Starbucks Inclusion


iSchool undergrad Emmanuel “Izzy” Gambliel is on a roll

What do cybersecurity, social dancing, and roller derby have in common? Just ask Izzy. UW Information School student Emmanuel “Izzy” Gambliel is not your ordinary undergrad. As he explains, “I’m very much an individualist. I don’t generally fit in in any box.”. For starters, when Gambliel joined the iSchool in 2013 to pursue his degree—while simultaneously earning a BA in Mathematics—the long-time Seattle resident had already enjoyed what most people would consider a long, successful career in high tech.
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Hala Annabi returns to iSchool faculty in new role, by Rudy Yuly

When the iSchool’s newest Associate Professor, Hala Annabi, had just graduated from high school in Amman, Jordan, back in the mid-1990s, she loved the idea of studying overseas, but couldn’t imagine how her circumstances would ever allow it. “I thought coming to the U.S. was a pipe dream,” she said.
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Starbucks Global Responsibility - Open for Discussion

I designed and wrote this campaign for Starbucks Global Responsibility to promote Starbucks stores as community meeting places.


Rudy Yuly

My passion is taking complex ideas and turning them into clear, compelling, impactful stories.

I'm an independent senior content strategist, writer, and editor for clients including Microsoft, Cisco Systems, the University of Washington, and others.

Represented as a novelist, ghostwriter, and screenwriter by Atchity Entertainment International (AEI), Los Angeles, my debut novel "Sparkle"​ was named one of the Top Five Books of The Year by Crime Fiction Lover. Book two in the series, "Blood and Friends" will be released soon.

Specialties: Voice and tone, storytelling, brand identity, customer engagement, accessibility, social responsibility, higher education, fiction and nonfiction books (editing, development, ghostwriting), profiles, biographies, scripts, and music.



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