Rudy Yuly


Seattle, USA

Rudy Yuly

The world teems with stories.
Bringing them to light and giving them form is my passion.


Sparkle. Crime Scene Cleaners Book One, By Rudy Yuly

Death is in the news every day, and if people stop to give it a second thought they most likely think of the void left in the lives of the living, the emotional mess it creates when someone dies or is killed. Very few people, however, think about the nuts and bolts of death-the literal mess it makes.
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Fossil River - Development Editor, Writer's Lifeline

Fossil fuel has an ageless affinity with dinosaurs. To create oil, dinosaurs died. Now, in this riveting action thriller, the tables are turning! As the energy storm intensifies, the nation’s access to Arab oil, once supplying over sixty percent of our fossil fuel, is being threatened causing citizens to panic for lack of gas at the pumps, stranding cars across the country and inciting riots.

Now or Never - Development Editor, Writer's Lifeline

Joseph of Arimathea, the Mystery Man of the Bible, is introduced like never before. Experience with him the heart-wrenching ramifications of Jesus' crucifixion and witness the ultimate descent into depression for this successful businessman and member of the Sanhedrin. You will go behind the scenes for the first time in literary history as author Joseph Rocco Cervasio tells ...


Rudy Yuly

My passion is taking complex ideas and turning them into clear, compelling, impactful stories.

I'm an independent senior content strategist, writer, and editor for clients including Microsoft, Cisco Systems, the University of Washington, and others.

Represented as a novelist, ghostwriter, and screenwriter by Atchity Entertainment International (AEI), Los Angeles, my debut novel "Sparkle"​ was named one of the Top Five Books of The Year by Crime Fiction Lover. Book two in the series, "Blood and Friends" will be released soon.

Specialties: Voice and tone, storytelling, brand identity, customer engagement, accessibility, social responsibility, higher education, fiction and nonfiction books (editing, development, ghostwriting), profiles, biographies, scripts, and music.



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